Direct offline processing applies always the same values


I hope you can get it from the pictures. Basically, I duplicate the same track twice, bounce it to make it two different copies, select and apply some pitch shift on the first one (+6 semitones), select the second one, and when I use a different pitch shift (-6), even if I change it to a different value, in the end it applies the same pitch shift as before. You can clearly see that, in the end, they’re the same waveform.

Being honest, I seriously have some issues using this new direct offline processing. I was fine with the one I had in Cubase 6.5 (it was basically like audio suite in pro tools, easy to use), after that I updated to Cubase 12 I encountered glitches and problems like that I can’t solve.

This is just one and it’s, hopefully, solvable. What’s the issue here?



Are you sure, these are 2 independent files? By the name, they are the same.

The upper one ends on 05, the lower one on 06. Seem to be different files.

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Actually I can’t see that. The waveforms look different to me.

absolutely sure. I rendered the file, and used that. for instance, I always do that with vocal clips when I need to use different autotunes, and the clips are different. it’s the same process, so I trust it to be reliable. any other reason it behaves this way?

I’m sorry, I probably took the screenshot after I undid the process or something, but they totally sound the same, and the pitch process resets to +6 instead of staying -6 as I set it before processing.

Notwithstanding your described issue: Have you tried if Cubase’s own pitch algorithm sounds sonically pleasing? You could use the info line to adjust the pitch of any audio event. This way you wouldn’t need to use DOP.