Direct Offline Processing - audio clip in limbo

Hi all, I’m using the RX Connect 10 plugin for Direct Offline Processing to RX10, all has been working as expected until I went to process a new clip, selected option to make a new version (same as previous workflow) then the direct offline processing window disappeared and RX10 did not open. Now this clip seems to be stuck in limbo and I can’t get this clip to open in offline processing. I saved and restarted everything but same result. Other clips are working fine and the only difference I can see is this problem clip has a new little icon in the top-right corner (illustrated in the attached screenshot). Does anyone know what the icon signifies? I confirmed the new version of the clip is in the pool.
Thank you


No one responded to this so I contacted the help desk chat, solution below:

Somehow the RX Connect and Spectralayers crossed wires and the clip was assigned to the Spectralayers extension instead. Still don’t know how this happened but the solution was to Select the clip event, then from the top menu: Audio → Extensions → Remove Extension from Selected Events.

This unlocked the clip and allowed me to proceed with RX Connect.