Direct offline processing auto apply

Direct offline processing. If the option “auto apply” is off. I add a plugin. I don’t click “apply” but “auto apply”. The plugin is not added to treatement


You can audition with the Process/Plug-in, but the Process/Plug-in is processed in real-time. To process the signal, you have to click to Apply.

What is your use case, please?

It is not about audition. Let me please try to explain differently :

  • I open the Direct Offline Processing window
  • “Auto Apply” option is not ticked
  • I add a plug in treatment
  • I click “Auto Apply” (insteed of apply)

the plug in is not applied


I see. Then it works as specified. Auto Apply doesn’t mean to apply already existing process. It’s like a switcher, for the new processes. You have to apply it manually in this case, because the process has been added when the Auto Apply was disabled.