: Direct offline Processing behaviour

Hi everyone! I’m not sure that this is an issue, but anyway want to understand this situation. I select region in clip, open Direct offline Processing (DOP), load plugin (reverb), click APPLY and the region is edited. Then I need to edit another region in same clip so I select different region and find out that Direct offline Processing is continuing to edit the first region and previewing it too. So that to edit the second region I have to bounce the whole clip. The question is how to edit two regions in one clip without bouncing?


The shown list of the processes is thru for the whole Audio event. So if you want to apply the process for another part of the Audio event, just click to Add Process. This new process is applied to the 2nd Range selection, and you can edit the settings. Thanks to this, you can later switch between the both processes and edit them.

Unfortunately the missing part is, that you have no visual feedback, which process is linked with witch Range selection.