Direct Offline Processing C11 Tail unavailable (Greyed Out)

Can anyone please help, provide feedback or confirm the following issue. I’m trying to apply Direct Offline Processing in Cubase Pro 11.0.30 but the Tail option is greyed out and unavailable (Right corner ). Already refreshed settings/preferences.

Step 1: I select an Audio Event
Step 2: I use F7 or the menu to open Direct Offline Processing
Result: Tail is greyed out and unavailable

I did the same steps in Cubase Pro 10.5.30 where it works as expected:

Any help is appreciated.

It seems so, but after a quick check, I see that both Extend Process Range and Tail parameters are presented in a new way : clicking on one seems to ‘deactivate’ the other, but the reverse is also true. At the end, I have both available, here, with the values entered kept.

After this, I haven’t check the audio results, I admit…

Hi Cubic13… Thanks… Yeah… I missed the little Activate beside the value. Is working now.

Sad to see it is still cumbersome to work with. Adding a value does not expand the waveform untill you delete and add the fx again. In my opinion this feature lacks proper refreshment.

Anyway thanks. It is working as in 10.5 now :slight_smile: