Direct Offline Processing deactivates mid-audio stem

I have a audio file that I’m applying fab filter processes on. But for some reason, the portion of the audio at the very end does have have the filtering applied to it
Screenshot 2023-03-04 at 19.47.13
See the sudden spike at the end of the file here. The fab filter plugin is being used to reduce peaks, but during playback, I can hear the fab filter plugin stop acting on the track right as that spike is reached.

If I put the fab filter plugin directly on the audio track (instead of this audio stem), it is applied to the audio as expected. Something is going wrong with the direct audio processing here, where it doesn’t seem to apply to the full audio stem. Any advice would be great.

To add to the above; when I apply a plugin, I can see the highlighted portion of the audio in the audio editor panel is indeed not including the part that is ignoring the plugin. Why this is happening, I’ve no idea.

Maybe I’m missing the core of the issue but, seeing your screenshot, it looks like there was a range selection done, which excluded the end of your audio event…

That’s what confuses me, I haven’t done any range selection. I click on the audio event, open the direct offline processing, and when I apply the plugin, that’s what the range selection on the audio editor panel appears.

The more confusing part is that the fab filter plugin range cannot be changed. When I try to grab the selected range and drag it over the full audio event (in the audio editor) and hit the apply in the DOP window, it just sets the selected range back to what it was initially.

But this doesn’t apply to the built-in processes! For example, I can add a Gain process in the DOP and when I apply that, it misses the end of the audio event as expected, but I can actually drag the range over the rest of the audio event and re-Apple and that works properly.

So there’s something odd affecting the range selection and plugins in the DOP window.

I’m wondering if Fab Filter isn’t the culprit, at this point, as it seems to be the only one which misbehaves, no matter what you try. Which one is it, by the way, and is the plug-in up-to-date ?

Beside this, I would try a Cubase safe start, with the Disable program preferences option, and see how things go from there…

I wouldn’t know how do achieve this behaviour. I’ve never gotten any range selection after applying a plugin in DOP. Any advise how to do that?