Direct Offline Processing - does it work with external effects?

Direct Offline Processing looks very cool… can anyone tell me if it works with external effects? And if so, how?

I bought the new update for 9.5, but I can’t run it on my computer yet to try this with external effects (I need to upgrade to a dx10 video card - should be here in the next few days hopefully).


Yes you can… There are videos on youtube that explain this … its easy ! same way as with every other effects

AWESOME! I can’t wait until that video card gets here so I can try this!


I cannot get it to work using external effects. I also cannot find a single video on YouTube about it and I am hoping that I am just doing something working because this is a game changer for me! Do you have any YouTube links?

This “would have been” awesome but i can’t get it to work either. Terrible that they didn’t manage to the ping of external fx working in the new engine and that they couldn’t make this work. It would have been an amazing feature.

It’s also a shame that you can’t put a mono external fx over a stereo channel (like you can in ableton)

You can’t go off line for external effects.
You need to go the analog way and print a realtime bounce cause Cubase doesn’t have access to the calculations of your external unit.
It should work with UAD, TC or Duende DSP boards.

It kind of defeats the purpose doing external fx with DOP, they would have to Render in real time anyway.
Render In Place makes much more sense.
Anyhow DOP is still buggy, although 9.5.10 made it usable for some basic tasks.

Yes but render in place works with external effects so why can’t direct offline process work with external effects

I believe DOP is a non-real time process and therefore can’t work with external effects. You’d have to go the “long route” and render the sound event to disk using the real time processing option.