Direct Offline Processing Doesn't Work and Doesn't Explain Why

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve completely given up on Direct Offline Processing.

I only ever reach for Normalize or Reverse and recently, it hasn’t been able to perform either task.

It just gives me an ambiguous ‘!’, which is really unhelpful. I recognize that software development is hard, complicated and largely thankless work and I’m sure I couldn’t build a better DAW, but this is exhausting. How are you supposed to solve a problem if it won’t tell you the cause?

In the image I’ve attached, you can see that I’m trying to normalize 35 VO takes to export and deliver to a client and it just won’t do it.

Auto apply is disabled, so what happens if you click “Apply”?

Does it work on single events? Does it work on one track with multiple events?

Yep, tried both Auto and manual application.

It doesn’t work on individual events.

Also, my studio has 4 Cubase Licenses and DOP doesn’t work on any of them.

I’m sorry, but it simply works on my 3 installations.

I have no problems with DOP usually either. I encountered the exclamation mark once though, but that was when using it to apply a plugin on an event with a dirac pulse (a single sample at 0dBFS), so not exactly regular audio.
But I agree, just showing an exclamation mark with no further message is useless and very much bad UX.

Do you already have some other processing applied to the event? From the screenshot it looks like there are hit points and maybe warping. Have you tried bouncing the events and then doing the DOP? Just and idea.

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Was this ever resolved?