Direct Offline Processing & Event/Wave editing -No Sound

Ok I’ve been working my way through Nuendo and I love it but!! There are some simple functions that just do not work they way I am accustomed. When I use Direct Offline Processing and Event/wave editor I get no sound. I read somewhere that said it needs to be routed? Why? Also ready the control room needs to be enabled? Why? Is there a way to hear Direct Offline processing and event /wave editor without using the control room? I just want to select or click on and event hear what it’s doing edit and get back to the project… I get levels but I can’t hear anything, help! Lol

Can you please post a screenshot of your output configuration? (This is displayed when you press F4.) There you will also find the tab “Control Room”. If you add your interface under “Stereo Monitor”, it should work in any case.

Now you only have to activate the Control Room (CR) in the right zone. Then you should hear the sound.


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