direct offline processing extend and tail feature question

I was under the impression that you could adjust the extend and tail lengths at a later time then when the processing was applied, but when I adjust it, it makes no difference
those features are only active for me if I make the extend or tail adjustments before I apply the desired processing. if I want to change them later i have to delete the processing on the event, make the extend or tail adjustments i want and then re apply the processing
Is anyone able to make those adjustments later?,

no… just physics

My primary adjustment is to not use DOP for Delays, or much of anything else. I like it, but there’s no way to identify which clips have DOP on them. I find it very confusing to unwind that if I need to make changes. If there were some way to quickly identify to which clips/tracks processes were applied to, I might use it more. I’m sure there are some who love it and likely use it better than I do. I’m not knocking it, I just find it confusing to work with so I avoid it.

thanks Stephen57 and st10ss for your input and replies. I have been going through my steinberg products examining whats spoken of as usable features, and uncovering what seems to not work as expected, dont get me wrong, I love my steinberg stuff, but I seem to have the unfortunate task of finding stuff that appears to be broken. This being one more example. Yes direct offline processing is something each user must decide for themselves is it useful to them.
the questions I’m posing is "do the feature sets work as expected?. maybe its my computer thats falling short, thats why I’m hoping to hear if others can make the modifications with extend and tail adjustments after previously adding offline processing.

direct offline processing is adding processing with a tail… the tail is part of the processing
so changing the tail will redo the processing

yes st10ss that is correct, but i am only able to make adjustments to “tail and extend” BEFORE any processing is done in the direct offline processes window, whereas the manual says (quote from manual) “Extend Process Range
Extend Process Range in ms
Allows you to extend the process range over the left and right of the event borders. This allows you to enlarge the event at a LATER stage with all applied processing.” (end of manual quote) and it says the same thing for tail size.
What I am tying to find out is if anybody can replicate that

I found your problem… (at least I hope so)

the process range is not the added tail…
the process range is only the range that gets processed and after that there is a tail added if set
the DOP generates a new audio file with the applied settings and this has a given end
if you need to change the end, you can only shorten it

if you add extra processing range then there must be audio material present in the sources

I hope that helps… it’s not easy to explain…