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I have been using Nuendo at the dubbing stage since 2012. I am getting to the point where I dont’t know if I can continue with that going on forward. The unpredictable audition volume in DOP is starting to hurt not only me, but also my clients. It can play extremely loud compared to how it sounds in the sequencer. However, I have a suggestion on how to improve DOP volume predictability pretty easily.

Please have a look at this this video where i describe the problem and a possible solution.

I would love to be able to sync clip volume to the audition volume slider in DOP. Is this hard to implement? Maybe there could be a checkbox for this feature.

I really hope to hear from the Steinberg team on this issue!

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Yeah, this has been asked for over and over again. No response from Steinberg.


The audition is not affected by the mix by purpose. The idea behind is, you want to audition/preview the Audio Event isolated (to hear the sound properly).

If you want to hear it in the context of the whole mix, don’t use the Audition, use the common playback instead. Thanks to this, you have both options, to hear it isolated or to hear or in the mix.

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Hi Martin,

did you watch the video? There is no problem “to hear the sound properly” at all.

Isn’t it a good thing that the level is predictable to begin with, and then you can use the volume slider to adjust if you need to boost it? The offline processing to me is exactly as a normal mix process. It doesn’t make sense to automate an EQ on the track with 1000 clips of documentary sound. (Or a bunch of soundFX with varying volume)

I use the offline processing as an integral part of the mixing process. I find myself using more time on adjusting the audition volume slider than processing clips. (EQ, dynamics, Restoration etc.)

It seems like the Nuendo Steinberg team doesn’t understand how professional users actually use the offline processing in every day work. This is not a matter of wanting a new feature. This thing is about maintaining a safe mixing process when you are mixing at high SPL at a dubbing stage.

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I’m sorry Martin, but what you are saying just doesn’t make much sense.

When one uses the Audition in DOP is not because one wants to isolate the audio event (that’s why we have track solo), but simply because that’s the only way to MONITOR what you are doing to the event in real time, before applying the process. If you use the common playback you can only listen to what has been applied already.

And if the current way it works really is on purpose, that’s a big mistake by Steinberg right there. I agree with Ambolt that it seems Nuendo team has no idea how we use this in the day-to-day. Clip gain levels can be wildly different from post-fader levels, and it can either be very dangerous to health and equipment, or very annoying, cause that little fader will only get you 6dB up.

Steinberg should just change this already.


DOP preview should be POST CLIP GAIN (maybe even post fader).
i fail to see any benefit the way it is now, if some wants to preview the original sound, you can do it in pool.
when doing location audio, dialogue etc, we get various levels or recorded audio material.
after doing a “rough” edit/mix, targeting the delivery LUFS, clip gain and faders are used to do that.
so DOP should folow that.
i get a dialogue that was recorded very quiet (it is a common thing these days).
i add 15 db of clip gain to reach -23LUFS, and then i hear that there is a buzz arround 7khz.
open DOP to filter that buzz, but the audio preview is pre clip gain and i dont hear anything.
then i crank my speakers up to hear the DOP proces.
hit apply.
then my ears EXPLODE (and my speakers too) because i forgot to turn my speakers down…

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this “purpose” shoul be changed asap.


Then you don’t have to use the Audition, you can use the Playback instead.

HI Martin,
audition in DOP is realtime, witch is suitable for all kint of eq sweep filtering, declicking and denoising.
even if we select “auto apply” in DOP, there is still a delay for proces to finish, so that means that playback through sequencer (timeline) is not suitable for that pourpose. i am mainly speaking from dialogue editing and sfx perspective, but there are many more cases where current DOP implementation fails.
please give us a option to audition dop post clip gain

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Yes this has been discussed before for sure. On option for Post FADER might be interesting way to help this out., your idea of sync to clip gain is decent. Though The only way this can work I believe without any audible suprises would be that the signal would likely have to be routed back through the same channel and FX + Insert processes that the clip is on no?.What if you have an FX on the channel that is making the volume much quieter.

So by doing this you may have to hear the clip gain effect plus any inserts you might have and maybe even the full channel path (if going to a group with fx or master bus etc. Which isn’t exactly ideal either. There is a way to get a separate control on this for mixing purposes. You can set the listen audition to route through the phones channel and then in the control room set a dedicated output for that channel. I have it on a separate output going to my near fields and I even have a fader assignment on my mixing desk to control it VIA a fader- this way I have manual control and separate output if I want to avoid any nasty super loud suprises.

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The real question is: Do they need to reinvent the wheel at all? Other DAWs like Samplitude/Sequoia have been offering real-time clip-based processing (and thus in-place monitoring) for decades now, so it’s pretty obvious how to tackle the issue.

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I have a little difficulty understanding English - Maybe I didn’t understand the problem correctly.
So I don’t know if this is a solution:
We do audio restoration and have the equalizer and other plugins as an insert. So you can adjust everything in real time and the listening volume is right.
Once the equalizer (or other plugins) are set, we simply drag and drop it from the “insert” into the DOP.

Just add your 15dB as an offline process, instead of using the clip gain.


yeah I do this a lot as well, mainly to lock in settings in realtime and then drag it onto DOP. its handy