Direct Offline Processing has a long way to go

I use offline processes and plugins a lot and at the moment I find the new Direct Offline Processing to be almost unusable.
I love the idea of it but it seems to have a lot of ironing out needed.
It seems it struggles the most when asking it to apply a process to multiple parts that might already have different processing.
For example I had a load of cymbals throughout the project, some had been reversed, when I selected all to normalise the gain it removed the reverse process from a lot of them.
I will quite often do batch processing with plugins to multiple backing vocals, HFP, Compression, Deess and so on. I recently had a group of BV’s some of which I had cleaned plosives and clicks using direct EQ to small sections of the audio. When I then went to apply a compressor to all the files it caused cubase to crash and when I reopened the project all the files were very confused as to what had been done, some edits had been removed, others had not.
Also if applying a process or plugin to an audio event that might have been used more than once in the project it seems the DOP control panel gets very confused.
I am looking forward to using this feature when it works as well and as quickly as the old offline processing but until then I will not be upgrading.


Yes, it does. Many issues with it, including crashing when previewing with certain plugins (mostly FabFilter, in my experience), and what you say as well. Right now I miss the old way because it didn’t cause any of these issues. Like you said: Once they get it working properly I’m sure I’ll like it much more.


Plus, you can’t hear the rest of your tracks along with the track you’re adjusting… you can only hear that track by itself, which makes adjustments really difficult.

Direct Offline Processing is a good idea… I agree though, it needs much continued development…

+1 definitely needs more work but I like the way it’s going.


Also if you add a tail to the proessing (wich you now need to do before selecting the VST) you cannot preview the tail!! There is so much wrong with this new DOP. It’s infuriating, and renders cubase9.5 unusable. In case anybody was unaware, you could do all the removing and changing order of applyed effects in the old cubase too, in “offline process history” All steinberg did was put a new fancy wrapper on it and break the functionality.

I think so too. It should have an option, old\new way.

The old system was nowhere as flexible and fast when using multiple processes as DOP.

At least it worked properly.

Now I don’t understand, how to explode peacefully to not hurt someone and not increase my forum-warnings-collection.

Right now I opened a project, where I recorded some pieano fragment and in a DOP window added AmpSimulator+Chorus+StereoDelay+OzoneImager. It sounds very, very, VERY, VVVEEERRRYYY… and so on… :slight_smile: But! If I open DOP window now, all plugins do reset to their default parameters and DOP list quickly renders new version and I don’t have access to that “very, very, VERY…” sound.

Very, very, VERY sad!

@Romantique Tp, I will not post this as issue, because -steve- don’t love my posts. Take this from here and do what you can do.
I’m disappointed a little (very, very, VERY!)

How I can get parameters from these plugins in DOP?

I open project in 9.0.30 and all is working perfectly, except I don’t have plugins listed and their parameters.

Tell me, how long we should wait to have 9.5 as stable as 9.0?
I’m composer and I should do things quickly and Cubase is best DAW for me, except 9.5. These hours of testing are muse-killing time, you know. Everyday’s workflow becomes to software testing routine and this is very, very, VERY bad.

I discovered what happens. Since we are pressed to use both versions (9.5 and 9.0), the project I mentioned in previous post created in 9.5 I opened in 9.0 and then saved after some changes. Then opened in 9.5 and all parameters in DOP are default. So this creates new question - if project file is so complex allowing to store DOP list and parameters of all plugins attached and previous version of Cubase don’t change the DOP list it self, then why it removes parameters of plugins in that list?

This happens only on Plugins, not Processes (Fade In/Out, Envelope etc.)

I’m programmer and I don’t understand this.

Next discovery!
Before I open that project in 9.0, I’ve bounced that track to apply all DOP plugins and to save a copy of what I hear and like. Before that I saved all plugin parameters as presets in their preset list. Now I load all presets, but the sound isn’t the same as it was. It sounds completely different.
I will test more. Will post an issue.

There is nothing to post in issues subforum, because my observed situation happens only if 9.5 project opened & saved in 9.0. But, as I said, since we must work with both versions due to hundreds of errors in version 9.5, this makes me careful and the only thing I should ask -
Steinberg’s people, do your best that we can use only one version! Please, please, PLEASE! :slight_smile:

Do you have auto save on? If you look in the project folder for the track you’re having issues with there should be a lot of .bak files. If you look at the last modified date and find the most recent version before you opened in 9.5 you can open that and you should find yourself back before 9.5 messed things up for you. Normally the higher the number after the project name on a .bak file the older the file is. You can open a .bak from the cubase menu or on PC you can rename the file to something unique and change the .bak to .cpr, be aware that if you double click a cpr to open it it might default to opening in 9.5 so it is probably better to boot 9.0 and open it from within the programme. I am sure there is also a way to change from .bak to .cpr on a Mac but I haven’t looked at that myself in years.

It is one of those old sayings, don’t update if you are in the middle of critical work, however these days we are torn between having the best tools to be ahead of the game and having a reliable system that works. There are benefits to being on the bleeding edge of technology, especially in an industry as competative as music and audio but there is also a much bigger chance of that technology kicking you in the ass when something goes wrong.
I have been on Cubase for about 22 years and for at least the past 10 I have seen comments about the end users being used as Beta testers. However I do think with a DAW like cubase that can do so much, had led the way in so many innovations and hasn’t dumbed down for mass appeal (like Logic) we can’t really expect every new feature to work 100% at launch.

I would always reccomend keeping important projects away from brand new updates, do a “save as” or back up to a whole new folder if you want to open something in a new update to check it out. I tried to open a project that had caused DOP issues in 9.5 in 9 and it was a mess. I deleted that project and went back to a previous version.

All that being said, DOP does seem more broken than any of the other new features Steinberg has given us in recent years, I feel as if who ever tested it didn’t ever test in batch or with files that might already have different processing on them, I really like the idea of it but at the moment I am not upgrading to 9.5.

Yes, I know about bak files. But maybe many studio sound engineers do the way you described - not seriously work with unstable system and don’t switch versions in the middle of project -, but in my case - whenever I open any version of Cubase, my muse is right beside me and the job starts immediately :slight_smile: Which version (5.5, 8,5, 9.0, 9.5) I open, I automatically open one of latest projects and continue to implement ideas. Of course, if project can be opened in earlier version. My fault is that musical ideas are coming everytime and everywhere :slight_smile:

I just need to learn myself to not working everytime, but always any testing of versions ends with saved sketch or idea for next composition or song.

Thank you! Backups we do. But they are for crash solving, not in everyday’s workflow :slight_smile:

I really miss the “old” way actually…
Easy processes like reverse, pitch etc are way faster for me as they used to be!?

I really hope to see an “old / new” option or feature!

That is never going to happen, a more refined DOP perhaps.

I’m actually amazed this hasn’t been patched yet. It’s one of the big selling points of 9.5 and it’s broken.
Pay to update to use this new feature, now you’ve updated… Well it’s actually broken and will on it’s own push you back to working on V9.