Direct Offline Processing issues

I came across this issue in N8 and now seeing this issue in N10 – I love the idea of clip based processing – it’s a very powerful tool I like to use

I’m having problems where the processing does not get implemented to the clip in the timeline – This is not for ALL clips but seems to happen randomly – in the DOP window it acts as if it is rendering and applying the plug-in, yet the clip remains unchanged –

This seems to be happening with the Waves & UAD Plugs - Steinberg, Isotope seem to work OK

Anybody seeing this issue? I can’t seem to find any pattern to this or anything to make it change this behavior worth certain clips.

I’m hoping this is a known issue with a known solution –


I haven’t heard about this issue yet. Once it happens, could you reproduce it (with the same plug-in)? If yes, could you make a screen-video recording and capture it and share the video here, please?