Direct Offline Processing not working with Soundtoys

Hey, can anyone else confirm Direct Offline Processing not working correctly with the Soundtoys Plugins?

I tested with Echoboy, it is either a.) the effect is not applied at all and the clip is silent or b.) the complete effect processing starts a few seconds late, before the signal is dry

Also disable/enalbing the plugin does not help… funny enough in the DOP-Preview they sound fine :cry:

Don’t have Echo Boy, but LitteRadiator, LittlePrimalTap , LittleAlterBoy and LittleMicroShift all work fine. Some are V4 others V5. I do not have Echoboy.

I just checked and it is 100% reproducible with Echoboy for me, other plugins from them like Little Alter Boy don’t seem to have the issue. Would be great if someone else who owns Echoboy can test this.

Just insert Echoboy as Direct Offline Process (note sometimes it works after inserting the first time, but it is definitely broken when bypassing/re-enabling it). Adds silence to the beginning of the File (preset with 0 delay time).

I just checked and yes, it happens to me as well with Echoboy.

Echoboy still doesn’t work in 2023!!! LMAO