Direct offline processing -Predictable preview volume


I tried posting a feature request in the Nuendo forum, but to my disappointment, I failed to get a response from the Steinberg team. Both programs share this feature, so I would love to hear what you cubase users thinks as well.

I am a long-time user of both cubase and Nuendo, and during that time I have mostly worked with sound for feature films, mainly focusing on dialogue edit and re-recording mixing. I use DOP on almost every clip in my projects. I love the DOP feature. However, I have noted a problem that seriously should be addressed.

Previewing clips in DOP should be with the same clip volume as in the sequencer.
-If you have a clip with -20dB in the sequencer, it previews in DOP as if it was set to 0 dB. The volume could be extremely high in comparison to its playback volume in the sequencer.
This can be dangerous for the ears when mixing in a calibrated theater. Sometimes my ears bleed because of this, and I find myself constantly having to adjust the volume slider in the DOP window. Those few times I forget, the director and I jump in our seats from sound shock. Most of the time, I just want to hear the sound at the same volume as I am working with in the project.
To summarise (as soundcage beautifully put it), DOP preview is currently PRE clip gain, we need it to be POST clip gain. It could be an option to switch on/off for what i care, but it needs to be consistent and predictable.
One possible solution to this issue could be that the volume slider in DOP follows the event volume.I can not stress the importance of this feature request enough!


Sorry, I disagree. If I want to hear it in the mix, I don’t audition it, I just play it back within the project.

I’m using the audition to tweak the parameters while “Solo” the Audio Event, therefore it’s perfect to have dedicated independent volume available.

I get your point here.

I still don’t understand why you would have the volume any different from when you are listening in the sequencer. Would it not be better to predict the volume instead of guessing? You could still turn the volume up/down via control room.

Hi Ambolt - I vote for this as it’s a simple, sensible good idea!

And also as it is very similar to my request to have a volume slider for Acoustic Feedback level in the Sample Editor window.

It always resets itself to max volume (awful) and seems to be previous to channel fader and plugins. After a restart, and can only be changed in another window eg. Media Bay, where previews can be heard.

Steinberg haven’t addressed the preview level drama since at least v9 of Cubase pro on Windows, anyway.

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