Direct Offline Processing - reverb tail length?


I mapped a lot of “process plugin” shortcuts on my keyboard for direct offline processing. I use this quite a lot in my workflow - for eq, reverb, RX7 and so on… But I have an issue when in DOP I use reverb for example. In earlier versions, when processing with some of the reverb plugins, I would just set how many ms would newly created file have in tail length and with mouse I could extend/subtract that new file according to the value I previously set.

Now, I know that in N10 in the upper right corner when DOP-ing I can set this value as well, but the problem is I need this only when processing with reverb, not with any other plugins. For example I have a short sound effect on timeline, I want to process with 5 seconds reverb (I know it’s too much :laughing: but just for you to be easier to understand). In earlier versions, I would get clip of the same length as the original, but then I could extend it to as much tail length as it was set (maximum 5s in this case). It is annoying to always change the value as I go changing processes - eq, rev, eq, rev… And not only that, but when I change the value, I first have to bounce file again and only after that would the new setting be applied…

Long story short, the setting of the tail length is GENERAL for all the plugins, and I would like to set it longer only for reverb processing. Is there any way to do it? I hope I was clear enough…



Unfortunately, this is as you described. The value is global and there is no way how to set this for the specific plug-in only.

In Samplitude this implemented wisely. If the event to which a process or a plugin is applied has fade out then the process is ended on event’s end, if the event has no fade out the process (reverb, delay or something else) take the time beyond event by itself until signal reaches -100 dB or like that. I wish Steinberg would think out something alike or even better)


Freeze function in Cubase is using this kind of decision too. If I’m not wrong, the Render in Place is using it too.