Direct Offline Processing


Love this feature in N8 … been asking for it for years!

One thing though … is there any chance of having a “Process Tails” feature? This is so that effect tails ( delay reverb etc) don’t cut out when the underlying Event ends. I thought the "Extend Process Range " time was this feature, but its not.

Otherwise the DOP is implemented very nicely … I’m very happy!


Hi ltf3,

that will be possible within a Nuendo 8 maintenance update.

All the best,

Thanks in advance!!!

This thread answers one half of my question. No tails like Pro Tools.

But can anyone help me understand how two other features of DOP are supposed to work?

  1. What does “Extend Process Range” actually do? If I apply it to a clip that is a smaller portion of a large clip, I can always just go adjust the clip boundaries, even if “Extend Process Range” is 0. If I apply it to a range, then I’m stuck with my next question.

  2. How will I ever found a range again once I’ve applied DOP to it. The clip is marked to show that it has processing, but unless I save the range manually with a range marker, I can’t see that I can ever identify the range exactly again. I can’t seem to make the DOP dialog highlight the the range in any way, even though it’s the only thing that knows where the processing is taking place. Seems like I should be able to double-click the entry in the DOP dialog and have it select the range that it’s being applied to!

Thanks for any DOP help you can provide. I’m just scratching my head!

  • Jason

PS - Haven’t updated sig, but this is Nuendo 8.0.15 on Win 10