Direct routing presets for group tracks

I would like to see presets for direct outputs. I often have many destinations set in my direct routing in my templates but when things get updated it would be fantastic to be able to import other direct routing sets from other projects.
Thank you

I’ve thought about this, but how exactly would this work?

Scratching my head, here, too. For me, routing builds as part of the project development and seems to be always somewhat different from one project to the next. There are patterns I’m developing but I don’t see how these would be saved as presets.

You can use templates for setting up repetitive things

If 24 direct out busses have the same name as the group channels, can they automatically be applied to 24 group channels with the same name?
This seems like a project logical editor function?
I work with a few different templates but the group channels that I use for busses and ultimately stems are typically named the same. In a perfect world, you have an additional kind of “final group channel” that is specifically for mixing or a way to assign group channels as dedicated mix busses that are clearly your “Stems” each “Stem group channel” or “Mix Buss Group Channel”. We need an additional semantic here… Anyway I have 24 stems and some people have up to 32 stems or mix buss group channels. If I could connect these as a group and assign direct routing to all of them at once to all the typical stem busses I create for making stems (in my case 24 different busses or direct outputs) it could be handy.

Maybe I’m not following you, but, you can create group channels from group channels. So, if you have all the stems/groups, just select those, right-click and “add group channel to selected tracks.” That’s pretty much how I work. For example, all the Drums tracks go to the Drums Bus (Group Channel Track) and the Drums Bus is, itself, then routed to yet another Group Channel Track called “Mix Bus.” Same goes for all other major parts of the project. Even if I have a single Bass track, I route it to a Group Channel Track (Bass Bus), which is itself routed to the Mix Bus. Mix Bus is the only Group Track that goes to the final Stereo Out. With Direct Routing there are many ways to configure things and I’ve seen many effective methods described and demonstrated, so this is just what works for me at this stage.

I really like the setups used on some of the Production Grooves kits – cleanly routed multi-out kits. I’ve used lots of those kits to generate user presets. When I load them, I just need to route tracks to a Drums Bus. Here’s an example just for chat’s sake:


We’ve all seen some of the amazing orchestral templates some users work with.

The idea is to bring in direct routing presets into a series of group channels with one step. Not assigning all of them to one direct out but multiple direct outs perhaps with matching names to make it know witch direct out goes with which group channel. This would make importing a stem bounce config from one template into another. It took all day to do this manually to 45 cues yesterday. It would be a form of automation which is what computers can do similar to a macro.
Even having a little “preset square” for my direct out section in the mixer window like instrument tracks presets. audio track presets, insert presets do presently. of course when I open the preset window for the direct out I would want access to folders where I can keep my different presets for different templates

Yes, I use templates. My templates have 3200 tracks in them so I am deep in the template bit. And I know how to use group channels.

We use some group channels simply to group something like a drum kit or background vocals into one place either to control them together or any number of other things. We also use group channels as a kind of sub mixer so grouped channels can be mixed more easily. For example Strings High, Strings Low, Brass, Woods, etc. There may be a group channel for a drum kit that then goes into another group channel with other drums to make a stem. Those last group channels are the sub mixer channels. All these channels already have a direct out to the master stereo or 5.1 mix buss. Those are the ones I would like to be able to assign to different direct outputs all at the same time. It would make sense that if the direct out had the same name as the group channel it could be smart enough to figure it out.
for example, my final group channels or sub mixer channels could have a name like “StringsHigh_StereoStem” and “StringsLos_StereoStem” etc. and so if the direct out busses have the same name there would be a function to match them all at once. Because you can create busses that have not a physical connection you can create these no problem in VST connections/outputs.

Yes, now I understand. It’s a great idea, but sounds like a lot of work for the developers. It almost sounds like a separate product.

Cool. My projects go up to 300 tracks or so at maximum – including all track types.

my tracks are mostly midi connected to VEP stuff for orchestra in a box.