Direct Routing


I am remaking some of the templates to include ltrt’s with the deliverables. I am trying to use the direct routing panel as opposed to sends as we have been typically using. I am running into an issue (I think the manual touches on it) where the tracks are not being folded down correctly. I have a mono track running to a 5.1 bus and then back down to an LtRt. I would like to be able to send the track down a mono bus to the 5.1 and the stereo bus but it then adds a panner making the signal double mono. If I’m not mistaken, this is possible without using the mixconvert plugins… I’m superstitious.

Has anyone got experience with this function of Nuendo?

The panner should be necessary to tell the stereo channel where the mono signal is located.

Thanks! I think I have temporarily solved the issue by creating another stereo bus after the mono bus, in between the stereo channels feeding the 5.1. I am seeing gain reductions that I have to make up for on specific busses (MX 5.1). I am wondering if I am doing something wrong. The levels are higher on the LtRt than the source tracks which suggests there isn’t the typical 3 db reduction on the L and R channels. I really wish Steinberg could do a better job with how the documentation is written. Does anyone have a template? The levels are consistent but I had to nudge faders around which isn’t ideal.



This feature is the best.