Direct Routing

Direct routing, how can I route a midi track to an audio track so that what I play on my virtual instrument is recorded simultaneously on both?

  1. Create a new group track
  2. Route output of desired instrument to the new group track
  3. Create new audio track and set it’s input to the new group track
  4. Enable record on both, the original instrument midi track AND the new audio track
  5. Start recording

If you just want to quickly create audio tracks from an instrument’s midi track after recording, you can right click on the midi event and “render” it to audio. Tends to be a quite fast operation in most cases and less onerous to set up.

It’s so weird this DAW makes you route to a group track first…

Why can’t I just set an instrument track as the input to my audio track like every other modern DAW on earth

Part of the reason is that cubendo has much better delay compensation among other daw.

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