direct sound??

Hello all, im just jumping back into some recording after years away and am having a little trouble.
i upgraded from LE4 to Cubase 10 elements, and am using a Lexicon ionix u42s.
I’ve got my guitar with a DI out of the amp into input 1 on the lexicon,
create a audio channel on cubase, select the appropriate input in inspector,
i can hear the guitar but its like is just going straight from the lexicon to the speakers? not through Cubase? or at least the channel I’ve created?
any suggestions?


Wondered why everyone else here is writing in german?
The english forums are here

Bitte das direkt monitoring abschalten ! Please disable direct monitoring.

Where do i fine this function in OSX?

Where do i fine this function in OSX?

Wie schön das Du das im Startpost zum Thema gemacht hast. Das ist eine Cubase Funktion.