direct x plugin (for stein guys)

Hi Steinberg guys

Quite some time ago i raised an issue when opening a direct x plugin in the batch processor. Whenever i drag it into the batch chain and double click it to bring up its gui it freezes wavlab and i have to terminate wav lab process?

i have been working on 8.0.3 with no probs, but for some reason its now stopped working too, couldn’t use 8.5 as it was bring up an error message when trying to process direct x.

someone said in a previous post they are working for a fix but really kinda need it asap :slight_smile:

What exact version are you using now?


  • i tried 0.4 no joy

and 8.5 gives me another error message

There was a problem in 8.5.0, but not 8.5.10.
Are you using 8.5.10?