Directing Cubase to external inst sample drive

Hello Steinberg Friends,

I recently bought Absolute 3 to use with Cubase 9.5
The instrument samples are huge and I need to get them off my system drive.
I don’t seem to be able to find a way of directing Cubase to find the Absolute 3 instrument samples on an external drive .
I’m using a Mac computer.
Can anybody help me please?


Mac Pro 2010. 3.46GHz 6 core. 48 GB RAM
Sierra 10.12.4

Hello Again,

After a month and over 1000 views of my original post I have not received a reply.
I assume that it is impossible to direct Cubase to a virtual instrument on an external drive.
This seems to indicate that I have to stream my virtual instruments off my internal system drive which traditionally has been a no no.

Can anyone enlighten me please?


In the past, in a similar situation I copied a Steinberg library to the external drive, removed the library from the C drive and created created a symbolic link from the C drive to the new location. If you google ‘symbolic link’ you will see how to do this.