direction of stem changed after I tied notes

If I tie a chord with the next one, sometimes the direction of the stem of the second chord change (please look to the attached foto: chord left hand). A bug? Did I miss something? Does anybody knows a workaround?

Best, Maximilian
Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-12 um 18.14.26.png

If you go into Engrave mode and select the second chord, whose stems ended up being flipped, you should be able to use Edit > Stem > Remove Forced Stem to put things back how they should be.

Thank you for your answer! This doesn’t work, but I found another way: ‘Default stems down’!

Strange that Dorico separated the note in the top voice in the LH from its accidental and moved it to coincide with the 2nd 16th in the right hand. Also, shouldn’t the staccato on the B-flat in the RH bottom voice be below the note? In two-voice polyphony you usually put the articulations on the stem side, along with the slurs.


I did this, because first I want to make an exact copy with Dorico from another edition. Later I changed it to the correct notation.

hmm… how did you end of with those voice colors…? when entering your example I get (top>bottom) blue, green, red, violet…

I started with a MusicXML-import (from Logic). I got this colours from the beginning.