In Preferences, I assign a folder for Dociro projects.

Within that folder, I have separate folders for clients’ work, with separate folders per project.

Is there a way to tell Dorico to extract parts to the same folder as the project, instead of to the Dorico root directory?

Further, is there a way to extract all parts at once, instead of one by one?


When you say “extract parts”, are you talking about exporting PDFs? If so, yes: shift-select (or even Cmd-click) as many layouts as you like in Print mode and then hit Export once.



(Extract parts is a Finale term.) :smiley:

Any thoughts on the folder issue?

In Print mode, on the right-hand panel, when you select Graphics at the top, there is a Destination folder button […], right above the Filename Options button. Is that what you mean? I just tried it, and it seems to work well.


Thanx for the response.

Yes; I see that, but I have to select the specific client’s folder every time. If I don’t, the parts go into the root-directory, and it gets messy.

Let’s say, you create a folder called, “ProTools Projects”. When you create a project called, “John’s Project”, Protools creates a project folder called, “John’s Project” within “ProTools Projects”. Within “ProTools Projects”, there are folders called, “Audio Files”, “Bounced files” and “Session File Backups”. When you bounce anything, those files automatically go to the “Bounced Files” folder. You don’t have to tell ProTools anything.

Nuendo has a similar protocol.

Maybe Dorico could do a similar thing.

You have your “Dorico Projects” folder. Within that folder you have your “John’s Project” folder so that, within “John’s Project”, you have your “Parts” folder, your “Video File” folder, your “Audio Files” folder for your .wav and .MP3 files. With this, everything pertaining to “John’s Project” is in its own little compartment within “John’s Project”.

I hope this explains it.