Directx plugins?

I’ve just upgraded from Nuendo 2 to Nuendo 5, and my directx plugins no longer seem to work. I saw something on the Cubase forum suggesting that Directx plugins are no longer supported. This can’t be true, can it?

Yes, it is true.

wow. I’m starting to regret upgrading…

I’m surprised the topic is not previously mentioned in this forum (maybe it’s in the archives, but they don’t seem to be searchable). Since I skipped several versions, I guess I missed the massive outcry of protest that MUST have occurred when Steinberg phased out directx support. What was Steinberg’s justification for this? Surely I’m not the only one with an investment in plugins they can no longer use.

When you upgrade a 7 year old system you must expect changes. When DX support was dropped there were a few complains, particularly for Cubase users. By now, we’ve all moved on.


Microsoft dropping DirectX all together …


Ah yes, I’d forgotten that.


This is just one of the threads which is the official announcement that came cough after the release of Cubase 4 which was when it was dropped:

You may be able to sift through it and find what people used to wrap their DX plugs to continue to use them.

oh, thanks, guess I haven’t been paying attention…

And thanks, Woodcrest, for the link, I’ll check it out.

Surely a lot of DX plugins were migrated to VST? It wasn’t a “sudden” move if I recall correctly, there was plenty of advance warning.

If you get caught out with anything that wasn’t though, post up a list and the hive-mind that is this forum can suggest some replacements I’m sure…

According to the Cubase response, no one if any people were aware DX was to be dropped. There was no announcement before the release of Cubase 4. Anyway, that’s the past.

As far as DX replacements… That will surely be a bummer for a bit till you have it sorted. You will have to go to your old projects and either substitute the new plug, or what I did, print all the tracks with the effects on them then all new projects from there on had replacement plugs.

Hi kyleknapp,
download the dxshell here

the dxshell creates a vst version of your dx plugs - instructions included

Thanks Biss. Now that my frustration has subsided, I find I really don’t have all that many dx plugins that I use very often -already have VST replacements for some of them. But I do have a couple I’ll probably try out the dxshell on.

Biss, you are a gem! I’ve now got my DSPFX working thanks to you and the clever German guys who created the software!
Many thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: