Any help how to use M audio Oxygen 61 MK IV in Cubase pro 10. Specially Directlink. like how to solo track how to move from track 8 to 9… there is nothing in the manual about how to do this.
M audio website they stop at Cubase 7 updating Directlink. (10/29/2014) last update.

I’d like to second this.

Must be someone out there who has managed to get it working nicely with Cubase, controllers and all.

I’d like to do more with it than play and take advantage of all the controllers.

I have a M Audio 61 keyboard with the directlink software from their website for Cubase 5
Every new version of cubase i have to copy the Direct link DLL into the new Cubase versions folder, then my keyboard works just fine again, all controllers, faders are still useable in Cubase 10. It will not be copied automaticly by Cubase.
If i am correct(not at my studio pc right now) that DLL is in the components folder of Cubase.
So maybe that works also for you guys with the Oxygen.

My understanding is that it has to be set up manually. Direct Link could be so cool though.

That depends on what you want to do with it.
I have nothing specially assigned to functions, but when I turn my keyboard on most knobs en sliders will do allready several functions within Cubase.
The 9 faders are for the mixerchannels f.e. WHen I want to adjust a VStTinstrument f.e. a B3 then I assign the faders to the Drawbars, and the rotatorknobs to Reverb, Drive etc.
that is something you do in the VSTi itself and save it there as preset. Only thing I have to do on the keyboard is push the knob “instrument” so it knows I do not want to adjust things in Cubase but on the VSTi of choice.
Transportbuttons always are assigned to Cubase and work just fine. Yuo can do way more with this keyboard and it’s knobs, but I don’t use any of it.
The M Audio is from 2013 and Directlink for Cubase5. But as I said it works still great in Cubase 10.5 In Devices you have to install the “Axiom Direct Link” and then you will see it in the MIdi ports. I only connect it with USB cable, even in a USB2-Hub it works just fine.

I don’t actually see the button called “instrument” on the keyboard

Are we talking about the same keyboard, Oxygen 61 MKIV?

No, it’s an earlier model 61 from 2013.

OK, that would make sense.

My point was that my older keyboard still works great with the old/only(?) Directlink software.
So my guess was it could also still work with the Oxygen. But Cubase does not copy those DLL files over when you upgrade, that was my only tip I could give you guys.


Can i connect axiom 25 with Cubase 5 ? Not only as a midi controller but also using the buttons on the Axiom 25 MIDI controller Keyboard. I’m using Windows 10.