Dirty print after hiding the notes

Hiding the notes, stems and ligatures in Dorico, I think it is a very cumbersome thing and you do not get a satisfactory result. A simple key combination would be enough to make everything disappear. The final print is not clean as you can see from the attached example. How can I solve this problem?

How did you print that? The resolution is very low.

Why are you hiding all that music? Do you want playback to be different from the print? There are better ways.

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I need to play the ornament. The print is in high resolution. However, you should never see hidden material when print music.

I would suggest you add an extra staff to your piano instrument and add the realisation for the ornament there, then delete the signpost for the extra staff: this will cause the extra staff to not appear in the score or be printed, but the music on that extra staff will continue to play back.

Are you printing Mono or Colour? What happens if you print to PDF first?

Why not have a separate, hidden staff, using Manual Staff Visibility?

the problem is not the ornament but the hidden notes and slurs that do not disappear in the final print.

Yes, but you don’t need those hidden notes and slurs if you create an extra staff and put the notes that approximate the performance of the ornament in that extra staff, and then remove the extra staff, as described.

I understand what you are saying. But I think the problem lies with Dorico. I’ve been printing with other music writing software for a lifetime, the problem has never existed. See Sibelius

How are you “hiding” the ties? There is no built-in hiding feature – deliberately.

But a quick test: I can make the End and Middle thickness 0, and that prints ‘invisibly’ correctly.

The problem isn’t with Dorico, but rather that you are trying to do something that the software isn’t designed to do. Dorico doesn’t support hiding notes, slurs, ties etc. in the way that other applications do, for good reason (in other applications, these hidden items affect rhythmic spacing in an adverse way). It’s better to work with the software rather than against it when possible.


I hope and I am sure that Dorico programmers will implement this option in the near future. :+1:

No, we have no plans to implement the hiding of noteheads, slurs, ties, etc. in the way that other applications do it, for the reasons already outlined.