Disable accidental changes of knob/slider/values

Can we talk about disabling mouse scroll button when user rolls it over a knob/slider/value? How many times each of you changed some values accidentally and then use undo or roll back to value you guess it was before? This is happening time from time in my studio.

Another side - it is very useful if we can change parameters by scrolling mouse button.

I suggest a good solution (IMHO):
Every time you need to change knob/slider/value, you should click on it and then use mouse scroll button. If you quit knob/slider area then this status (you made a click) should be off until you click on the same or another knob/slider/value. And while you don’t click on knob/slider or value, window or whole area should simply react to your need to scroll it and not changing any values of any parameters.

Maybe for that status that you clicked on changeable area it can be framed in any different color?

P.S. This doesn’t replace a feature that you doubleclick on value and it becomes an editable input.