Disable all Inserts on a Channel

because I cannot Disable a Group or FX-Channel (which is absolutely inconvenient and incomprehensible, because with Instrument & Audiotracks I can) I would at least be able to deacitvate all Plugins on an FX or group Channel to save CPU. Is this possible, or do I really have to deactivate all Plugins on a Channel one by One clicking with Alt on it???

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Click the Inserts tab dot, this will Bypass All Inserts.

Thanks, I know that, but Bypassing doesn’t save CPU.

How would that even work? What would happen to the tracks that route to a disabled Group Channel or FX Channel?

It is not possible, I’m afraid.


What is your use case, please?

E.G. on my template I have several FX-Channels, on each of them another Reverb and before that Reverb (on its channel) an EQ and after it a Comp and harm.-disto.
Practical would be, that I have these Channels always there and be able to switch through them. As you know, some Reverbs use a lot of CPU…

PS: I have already a very fast PC and Soundgrid Extreme Server. But If you wanna use a practical routing (e.g. Reverbs on Snare-Group, other Reverbs on Kick-Group, other on Percussion-Group) you reach quite fast the limit for some very good Reverbs.


Do you use multiple different Reverbs at the end?

Could you use just one Reverb FX Channel with two different Reverb instances and you would just enable/disable the Reverb you don’t want to use (so you would have one “Light Reverb” and one “Production Reverb” at the same channel).

Could this work for you?

Hi Martin,
Yes of course I use multiple Reverbs at the end in Parallel. The Situation is: I have an EQ before the Reverb and a Comp and a Harm. Disto after it (after every Reverb with different settings, it makes no sense, to compare different reverbs with the same settings for EQ, Comp + Disto), so if you wanna find the reverb that fits best, you have to test all with their own settings of EQ, Comp + disto… Sure I could just mute the Channel and disable the reverb, and let the EQ/Comp/Disto. in because they don’t need so much CPU.

Another idea would be to utilize a plugin chainer such as Waves StudioRack or Blue Cat’s PatchWork. Those would allow you to setup your chain of FX in a virtual rack that only occupies one insert slot in Cubase and that entire chain can be toggled on/off via a single button.


thanks for your help. I think it’s the easiest way I do it with Patchwork. Cubase seems to be a quite good software, some things are also easier than in Pro Tools. And for sure more stable (at least on my system and a lot of plugins - also if they are not in use) But during the last 3 weeks I experienced also, that there are quite a few things , I used to do all the time in Pro Tools, which you can’t do in Cubase (or just more complicated). Also things, that just make no sense, like the impossibility to disable Group or FX-Channels. If the Steinberg-Guys would sit together with some Pro Tools users they could improve the workflow of their software a lot. (Pro Tools People the same, but because I don’t use pro tools anymore, not interesting for me).

I think there’s a setting in preferences that turns off processing in any VST3 plugin if there is no signal flowing though it, so if you are auditioning reverbs by sending a signal into one or another FX track then I think the load should be one signal chain only, not more than one.

Plugin Nap? I have to check if I have it on.

you need to click the activate button next to the bypass button in the plugin interface if you want to free up cpu

I think OP is fully aware of that and that they want to deactivate e.g. 10 insert plugins on the same channel with one mouse click.

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Yes exactly what Johnny wrote: deactivate multiple plugins on one Channel with one click. I tested the “Plugin Nap” function. That’s actually its name in Studio one. In Cubase it’s under Preferences → VST → Suspend VST3 processing…"
I tested it: it works when you mute the sends of the Channels to the specific FX-Channel, not when you mute a Channel. But it’s better than nothing. Thanks for all your inputs here!

I have asked for it too - not possible to do this in Cubase.

Resurrecting this thread, hoping a keybind or something gets added for this.

At the moment, if you alt-click the bypass button for the insert stack in the Cubase Channel Settings window you are given the option to “reset this section”


It would be great if we could do something like control-click the bypass button to disable/deactivate the entire channel strip, instead of having to alt-click every individual insert (btw, Logic Pro has a similar feature to do this).

Use case:
Imagine making a new sound that is multiple layers, all layers routed to a single group channel. You render the stack as audio. Since you no longer need this stack, you disable all of the channels, and deactivate the inserts on the group channel, then hide the entire stack from view. This way if you ever needed to come back and modify the sound, or tweak it to make a slightly different one, all you need to do is [unhide and] enable the entire stack, re-activate all of the plugins in the group channel(s), and you are good to go.

Bypassing doesn’t completely disable the plugin as far as I can tell, so deactivating it is a better option for something you might not ever use anymore in the project. It’s essentially the same as completely deleting the stack.

I do this dozens of times in every project btw, eg:

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