DIsable audio in Nuendo 12 Mac silicon?

I have been using Nuendo for a long time. Just switched to Mac from PC a month ago or so. Now 13 audio devices show up. I use the “Lynx audio 48 ch” one. The Acer monitors always become the main audio device. Because they turn off and back on and the Mac sees it as the new device. Anyone know a way around it doing this? I cannot disable that as an audio device from what I see anywhere. Is there some way for Nuendo to forget it forever or something?
PS There is nothing in the HAL folder for the Acer monitors, just for the MS Teams Audio.

Are the Acer monitors through USB? What does Acer say about this issue (it is not a Nuendo-specific issue btw…)

If so, and you need to use them, can you send analog audio from your Lynx to them instead?

Two acer monitors are through Display port and one is through HDMI. I know it is not a Nuendo specific issue but I was wondering if there was a way to make Nuendo forget about them as audio devices.

As long as they have audio drivers, the Mac OS will offer them in a list of possible audio devices. Nothing to be done there. I have a Samsung monitor here and it also shows up as an audio device, although it does not work LOL. Mostly, as long as the monitor is ON before I start Nuendo, it does not try to auto detect the Samsung device. I suggest one of two things:

Make sure the monitors are ON before you open Nuendo. Don’t let them wake up once you have opened Nuendo. Maybe set their sleep status to off… I never have thatb preference on any of my devices. Because they cause trouble. I just turn them on / off according to whem I need them. Convenience be damned!


You can set a template to be your initial “default”, and have that template use the audio device you want. Then, each time you create a new session, you go from that template. No more changing audio devices.

Look into making that.

Everytime I turn my computer on in the day that pop up comes up as asks if I want the Acer monitors as the audio. They are always on before I open Nuendo. But if I close Nuendo and do something else and come back then Neundo is cool and remembers my Lynx Audio device. The amount of problems I had with a PC this is really nothing compared to that.


Same problem. Just accepted it as another rubbish foible of working with Steinberg.