disable auto makeup gain on multiband compressor??

One thing that prevent me from using the new MB compressor in C8 is the auto makeup gain…
When I try to compress a frequency range by lowering the threshold, it does the opposite, it compresses it but makes that frequency louder!!
Am I missing something with the settings??

Hi mozizo,

as soon as you activate the side-chain filter for one band, the auto-make-up gain gets deactivated.
For that you don’t have to activate the global side-chain functionality in the plug-in title bar.
Just click on the button labeled ‘SIDE CH’ and maybe ‘MONITOR’, to adjust your side-chain filter so that it matches the
band-filter, if you like.

Or use the DeEsser, if compression for only one band is needed.

Hope that helps.


Wow, is that info in the manual? I can’t remember reading that ever, anywhere.
I bought the UAD multiband compressor after trying to use the Steinberg one.
Mainly for the same reason, but also because it does expansion/gating as well.

Thanks for the tip… I’ll try it on the next mix!

Haven’t you tried CB8s Multiband EnvelopeShaper and Expander? IMHO they’re pretty good.


There should be an official option to disable the make-up gain, with it makes complete no sense if you use the multi-band as correctional tool.

Also there should be more options for the filter-band separation (steepness, linear/minimal phase…)

+1 for disable make-up gain