Disable autoplay audio files in Wavelab browser

Good morning,
I’m looking to disable the automatic playback function for audio files in Wavelab’s file browser. In fact, when I play an audio file in Wavelab Pro 11, the playback stops to preload the file while browsing. This behavior is unacceptable and I’m looking to disable it, but I can’t find it. All links to online help result in a 404 error. It is not normal for professional software to be unable to access online help.
Another thing when I record from Wavelab I usually activate the Bargraphs and other controls (Shortcuts Y then I) only once the recording is finished when I start playback of the file just recorded Bargraphs no longer work. To reactivate them, you must exit Wavelab and restart it and thus regain the use of these Bargraphs in reading. And again and again the online help returns 404 errors. Once it’s fine, but when I save around forty files during the day quit and restart Wavelab each time and annoying and abnormal
Please help me with these two questions.

No idea why you get a 404, for me it works perfectly fine

I want to talk about contextual help in Wavelab, all links to help cause a 404 error, the link you give works without problem but you have to search, and search without necessarily obtaining what you are looking for. Links in Wavelab do not work. For software costing 600 euros it’s a bit of a scam.

If you describe a bit more in detail what window you have open and where you try to get help and get the 404 I can try to verify that. But just saying it doesn’t work is of no use.

Wherever I press F1 in Wavelab I get help, no 404. So what are you doing… exactly…

Regarding the Auto-Play feature: Right next to the field with the current path there are 3 icons, the middle one is a loudspeaker icon. If you click that, you can turn Auto-Play on or off, see the manual.

Could you copy the URL that opens in your web browser when you want to access the online help from within WaveLab?

Here is the link returned by Wavelab for file browser help: https://steinberg.help/wavelab_pro/v11/fr/wavelab/topics/wavelab_concepts/file_browser_window_r.html
and the corresponding screenshots.

Yes, the URL is wrong. If I follow the topics in the french online manual it should be
instead of

What is interesting now, using WaveLab set to English language, if I right-mouse-click in the File Browser (or use [Shift]+[F1]) and select What’s this > Open documentation about File Browser (as there seems to be no direct shortcut with [F1] available), I also get directed to the wrong URL:
So it might not be a language-specific problem.

On further research, this seems to be like the URL for the WaveLab 10 manual, as you can just change the “v11” to “v10” in the URL and get the correct page.
So I guess either some links in WaveLab 11 were not changed accordingly, or the structure of the online manual was changed at some point from the previous version.