disable/deactivate inserts/plugins on selected channels

I use plugins/inserts on my input channels when I record. I wonder if I could make a macro that disables/enables only the inserts effects/plugins on my input channels. This would save me alot of time!

I do this so I can free up my CPU when I´m not recording. Any pointers, tips or help in this direction would help me alot!

Hi and welcome,

I can’t imagine Macro like this.

But I would strongly recommend to record dry signal. No plug-ins on the Input Channels, please.

This is not the answer you are looking for but I would not recommend putting FX on the input channels while recording.
I used to do it, but it kind of destroys the possibility to go back and fix things in the clean original recording (like when you discover glitches, clicks or just want to change volume of certain parts before any FX is applied).

I agree to what Martin and my finally conclude: Dont use insert fx on the input chanels.

If your problem is CPU ressources while playing back you can at any point in time render the tracks (in various ways btw.) - to include fx and then disable them on the relevant tracks. There are various ways to do that with slightly different options.

All the best… Ernst

Thanks for the answers. But unfortunately no one has any tips I save a lot of time recording with fx on tracks. I also do this with hardware eq´s and compressors on the way in. Also saves alot of time. I’m not afraid to commit to a sound.

mixer snapshots?


I was thinking about it again…

How do you call your Input Channels? If they have something in common in the name (for example “In”, like the default Mono/Stereo In number ), you could use PLE:

Name contains In
Trigger Macro

The Macro would contain just one command: Bypass insert.

I’m not work Cubase right now. Later I could make an exact description of the PLE and a screenshot, if needed.

Man! Thanks for thinking about it :slight_smile: My inputs are usually named by instrument: kick-overhead-snaretop- etc…But I can off course name them different it that would make for a better macro.
I dont know much about macros or how to make them. But it sounds like you know alot! All help would really be appreciated. If you could make a description and screenshot I would be thankful :slight_smile:

Yeah, Martin has pretty much built the whole PLE above. If you don’t want to loose your Channels descriptive names you could simply add a suffix. Another alternative way to do something almost the same is to give your Colors meaningful names and then use Color Name instead of Track Name in the PLE to make the selection.


I tried to make it real. Unfortunately it doesn’t work, I’m sorry. There is no command to Bypass Inserts of all selected track only. There is possible to bypass only all Inserts (of all Channels) or only the Inserts on Main Mix.

OK - thanks for trying.

It seems like this should be able to be accomplished just using the PLE without needing Key Commands. Take a look at the attached PLE, which doesn’t work but I don’t understand why.

If you change the bottom line so the Track Operation is “Record” it toggles the Record on my test Project for only the Tracks with “Guitar” in the name.

If instead I remove the 2nd line in the top so it is not basing anything on the name - then it kinda partially works. But what happens is it toggles the Insert Bypass on all my Audio Tracks but not on any Instrument Tracks.

I can’t see any pattern it what’s happening.


But then we have a solution here…

Name | Contains | In

Track Operation | Insert Bypass | Enable (or Toggle)


Or am I missing something?

Yeah, that does work. Why do you think removing my top line specifying that it is a Track breaks the PLE?

Also playing around with this version I discovered it only works if the Inputs are visible in the Project Window, not just the MixConsole.


It works for me here, even if I keep your line:

Container Type is | Equal | Track

…with my line

Name | Contains | In

Yes, this is truth. The PLE takes Project tracks in account, so it must be shown in the Inputs/Outputs Channels. To do so, click the (automation) Write button on your Stereo In (or any other) Channel first in the MixConsole.

Could someone post a screenshot of the PLE , that works? Im new to PLE, havent used it like this before. Thanks so much for the help! Amazing!

I got it to work - amazing ! Is it possible to make this into a keyboard shortcut?

I managed to set up a key command. Basically I named all my inputs that use plugins with “@” (snare @) and then I also assigned the key command to “@” to keep it easy.