Disable Exclusive Expand for Track Inspector

Unless it can be done and I haven’t found out how, it would be great to have the option to disable Exclusive Expand for the items in the Track Inspector, just like the Mixer Racks.
Most other DAWs show an awful lot of information at a glance. On Cubase that information is there, and then some, but you have to click 17 times to get to it. At least this way I could open my most used items, save a preset, and it would be just a matter of scrolling instead of endless clicking.

You can cmd-click to disable it.

The real problem though is the huge amount of wasted space in the inspector for unused slots. Opening track versions, inserts, sends, etc. means 90% of the inspector will be blank unused space. I can’t for the life of me understand how somebody at Steinberg looked at that said “that’s good, let’s release it”.

Anybody who spends a minute thinking about it would understand those blank slots make the inspector very difficult to use since they greatly limit how much useful information you can see. A far more sensible way to do it is the way other DAWs work: only show the slots that are currently in use.

Thanks, I just tried ctrl/cmd clicking. It does disable it, but as soon as you forget or accidentally click on any of the items, all of them collapse + the scrolling is very inconvenient (if not buggy) as I keep scrolling over editable fields and changing settings instead of actually scrolling. Hardly usable.
So the suggestion for an option to properly disable that, like in the Mixer, stands.
Yes, the Inspector is a design disaster.

Scrolling the inspector is indeed buggy. The scrollbar tends to disappear whenever you need it the most. And trying to use the scroll wheel to scroll the inspector means endlessly hunting for a region in the inspector that responds to it.

Yes, and the option for pinning the item so you don´t have to press ctrl doesn´t work for instrument tracks (just audio I think)

Instrument tracks works fine for me. The inspector has enough problems already to ensure it is a source of embarrassment for Steinberg, without inventing new ones :slight_smile:.

Instrument Tracks have problems with a few of these commands, probably due to the “dual” setup present on their inspector. Not all Sections are on the same level, causing “open next/previous” to fail. “Inserts” could be MIDI inserts or channel inserts. More refinement is required, and keycommands for all the sections.

If you have Sections pinned, the command “Open Next Section” will skip to the next unpinned section and open that one instead.
When trying to cycle through > instrument tracks > WITH OR WITHOUT PINNED SECTIONS though, it seems that this command gets stuck when it reaches the “Instrument” Section. I guess that’s because “Instrument” gets its own setup, and the entries are nested within, on a different level compared to the following entries. So, upon reaching Instrument, the underlying sections appear, but if you want to keep cycling with the key command, you’ll have to manually open the first entry with the mouse. For me, it’s “Equalizers”. From there the command will work and cycle back normally, until reaching “Instrument” again.

“Open Previous Section” command works as above, BUT, when you have NO Sections pinned, this command will allow you to cycle through all the sections.

I noticed this recently. It’s probably due to the two “setup cogs”, one for instrument, one for “the rest”. And when you enter setup for the track (“the rest”), you can’t interact with the instrument in the list. You can’t expand the instrument section in there, you must use the OTHER setup cog icon. Even then, there still is the problem of having to expand the “Instrument” section.

In my opinion, all sections should be brought to the same level.

I am sorry but they don´t, the midi part panes respond to the “pinning” in the configuration but the audio ones (the one that correspond to the connected vsti) don´t. It also happens with a midi track connected to an instrument track, the audio part panes won´t stay pinned.

just try to pin the inserts pane and then click on the sends and the inserts will collapse, it´s an old bug that has been discussed before.

It works for me. I can have every pane in the inspector for an instrument track open at the same time. I’m not sure how to explain that.

If you click in any label the others collapse? As in exclusive expanding?

I know you can have them open if you click ctrl, what I am saying is using the pin in the cog page of the vsti to have a pane remaining open even if you click it on another without pressing ctrl.

I’m sorry, I misunderstood when you were referring to pinning vs cmd-clicking. You’re right. Pinning doesn’t work in the instrument/audio subsection of the instrument track inspector.

No problem! we can pin this one down on issues of the inspector then. (pun intended)