Disable keyboard commands in vst instrument

How to disable my computer keyboard in vst instrument? Sometime when I click a key of my keyboard when the vst instrument is open the vst change his parameters…

If the plugin catches key commands, there is nothing Cubase can do about it as long as the plugin is the active windowß

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Out of curiosity which VST do you use and it handles keystrokes?

Modifier keys (Ctrl, Shift, Alt) are normal to work with VST/VSTi and those i am afraid you cannot turn of.
However if other keys are involved with plugin 99% devs allowing to be turned off or in plugin or through backdoor.
For example in Sylenth you have to go into data folder(i think you can access via plugin menu something like “open data folder”) and there is “preferences.ini” which is openable by txt editor where you can find “use keycommands 1” just switch that 1 to 0, save it and sylenth won’t receive KC anymore.
The best would be to contact plugin vendor and check how to turn it off(often devs will put that option for you in next update since it’s not big deal)

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