Disable MIDI Thru Per MIDI Device?

Is there a way to disable MIDI Thru for a particular MIDI device? I would like MIDI Thru to be enabled for my master MIDI keyboard controller, but off for all of my slave hardware synths. Otherwise, when I tweak the front panel controls on a slave synth, a MIDI feedback problem can arise.

The only way I see to remedy this is to disable global MIDI Thru (File > Preferences) every time I want to tweak a slave synth directly. Then, re-enable it again. That’s inconvenient, to say the least.

Any assistance is appreciated.

hey man, I think that’s not possible natively in Cubase, but you can always map that function in the prefs to some physical key - which is faster to operate.

possibly disabling midi thru on the slave devices would achieve the same thing…ideally multiple midi ports would be better

That might be the only viable solution. Better still, I can assign it to a button on my MIDI keyboard controller. Thank you for the recommendation.

That seems ideal, but my Moog Voyager isn’t behaving in this respect. It has a “MIDI Merge” function that passes Note data from MIDI In to MIDI Out, but it’s disabled by default and seems to have no effect on the problem, either way.

To clarify, when MIDI Thru is disabled in Cubase, the Voyager’s front panel knobs operate as you’d expect, generating smooth changes on the synth’s LCD display. So, for example, if I rotate the Filter Cutoff knob clockwise, it’ll show 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, etc., and produce equivalent changes in tone and generate respective MIDI CC MSB/LSB data in Cubase. However, when MIDI Thru is enabled in Cubase, the Voyager goes wonky: Changes to the Filter Cutoff knob become course - the LCD display will show 74, 78, 82, 86, etc., with respective ‘jumpy’ changes in tone and corresponding MIDI CC MSB/LSB data in Cubase. Looking at the data in Cubase’s Key Editor, it appears as if Cubase is filtering 75% of the CC data. I wonder if this isn’t some sort of MIDI feedback suppression mechanism. Just a guess.

I’m stumped.

couple of possibilities…cubase midi thru “on” is sending cc data back to the moog so its getting “confused” lol or theres even a remote chance the amount of cc data is “choking” the interface (possible with 3 devices chained to one interface). i have a phatty TE by setting it to “local OFF” it doesnt transmit the cc data (for live use) but to record your cc changes yes you need to turn off thru on the cubase interface side. as i mentioned before ideally instead of daisy chaining your devices to one interface consider adding another multi midi interface device to your system. then you can selectively disable thru.


No daisy-chaining here. I’ve got four MOTU MIDI Timepiece AVs with separate MIDI inputs and outputs dedicated to every device. How do I selectively disable Thru?