Disable Mouse Wheel for Changing Values

I hate the mouse wheel for changing values. Scrolling the wheel, depending on how fast you setup scrolling speed, is very imprecise.

For example, when scrolling through the track inspector. I use the scroll wheel to scroll from top to bottom. I have sections pinned so they stay open and I scroll through them to get to the section I want. But when my mouse happens to come to rest on a EQ parameter, scrolling the mouse wheel suddenly starts wildly changing settings and moving a frequency band.

All I want from a mouse wheel is that it scrolls through long lists or windows. Not changing parameters.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop it? I only found a setting to enable the mouse wheel to move fades. But not to disable it for all kinds of value operations. Or have I missed something? It’s driving me nuts.


I’m afraid, there is no way, how to forbid the mouse wheel to control other parameters. There is this settings, you mentioned, but it doesn’t solve it, in fact.

To be honest, I just learnt, where is it save place to scroll. Which are save places, and which are risky.

I’d like to hit on this subject again. Is there still no way to disable the scroll wheel? It’s not the biggest deal as long as you know the safe places to put your mouse when you’re scrolling, but I’m worried of accidentally changing something without knowing.


No change in this topic in Cubase 10.

I have the same annoyance in HALion 6 … I really wish that Steinberg read this and consider (an option) disabling scroll-wheel value adjustments. MANY of us don’t want it. I think it’s a big deal.

I agree. This is very annoying. Since I always try to use mouse when scrolling through a bunch of track in mixconsole, I can always accidentally tweak an EQ, or track volume, or anything else if my mouse is pointing at a parameter and not at a scroll section.

I would like to address this issue again. Is there still no way to turn off the scroll wheel? It’s not the biggest problem as long as you know the safe places to place your mouse while scrolling, but I’m afraid I accidentally change something without knowing it.

Seeing that there is still no option to turn off the mouse wheel-changing values in Cubase 11, I suspect it will take a few more .5 and .0 releases before Steinberg finally decides to address this. At least we got the curved automation for Midi CCs this time around, which has been on the user request list for several years. You want to be able to turn off the mouse wheel changing values? Wait another year or two and be ready to pay up another €100!