Disable or Abort opening two projects simultaneously?


due to the weird way Cubase manages project windows on Windows (sometimes you have to click many times on the app icon on the taskbar, before Cubase decides to show you the opened project instead of the desktop), it happens that I open a project while another one is already opened, and there’s no way to abort the operation, since I have only two options:


Do anyone one know if is there a setting to avoid opening two projects simultaneously? This is very annoying, I always end up closing everything and relaunch Cubase, because it becomes unstable when loading multiple sessions / plugins / etc. or when it goes back to the previous project, no matter if I deactivate things or not.

I think we just need an “abort loading” button, that’s all.


If you click “No” the project just opens but it had not been loaded (so the opening is really fast). You cannot have more then one project activated.

I didn’t really get why do you need to open multiple projects but don’t open them in fact.

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t need / want to open multiple projects, actually I’d prefer they removed this feature completely… but sometimes it happened accidentally, for the reasons I explained above. You’re confirming that there’s no way to abort the operation. I hope they will add this option in C13, at this point.

At any point, you can “Open” a project. You can also create a new one. Buuuuut, this doesn’t mean that the first project will close automatically.

You just need to close the project you are working on from File → Close before opening another one, or starting a new one.


Sorry, I don’t know, how do you manage to open multiple projects accidentally. If you want to always keep only 1 project open, close the original project first before you open another project.