Disable plug-in title bars?

Is there any way to disable the plug-in title bars on the Mac? Between the purple one, and the grey preset bar underneath, they take up a lot of real estate. I personally would prefer just the plug-in GUI alone.


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p.s. Sorry for all the threads! That’s the last of my questions. I’ve used WaveLab for years, but I’m just getting used to it on the Mac.

p.s.s. My top concern is still WL stealing focus when rendering completes! I was hoping it was a Windows-only issue. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean. Where do you see lost space?

Concerning multiple threads, I prefer 1 thread per topic, as you do.

I guess “lost” isn’t the right word. I just would prefer that only the plug-in GUI show up, and not the presets bar above it, and the purple title bar above that. But just being able to get rid of the presets bar would be nice! Is this possible?


That would cause lost of functionality, and also, how to move the plugin if there is no bar?

Good point on the title bar. Well, I strongly prefer the way Ableton Live does it:


All the plugins I use have their own presets functionality built in, so the presets bar is wasted space for me.


Well, then an option to hide this bar could be possible.

That would be most appreciated! :slight_smile: