Disable Plugins on boot?


I have a project that will not load because of what I believe is a plugin problem. Is there a way to hold down a specific key upon launch to disable the plugins? The culprit plugin is Halion Sonic SE I think. and if I could disable that one, I think I may be in business.

Otherwise, Cubase opens fine in all other projects. I think there was a glitch when I opened a MIDI file and it assigned all midi tracks to Halion Sonic.

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rename the plugin folder/s to pluginsxxx or something other than the original name.


Thank You!

Aloha S,
It’s implied, but once the prob has cleared, don’t forget to restore the proper name.


A plug in bypass - rather like ‘Safe Mode’ in Windows would be a handy feature.


Further to this subject, I had a problem just last night.

I had been working on a dance remix which was very CPU intense, but everything ran ok and I was able to render a rough mix. Then I came back to it this morning and as soon as I loaded the project, the CPU went into overload and stayed there - audio messed up and no easy way to understand the underlying cause.

I made a project back-up and worked successfully with that for a while, then closed down. On re-opening, I was back to the same problem.

Eventually, I isolated the issue by removing elements of the project sequentially until I eventually found the culprit…which was Steinberg’s own Roomworks. As soon as I removed it from the project all was well. Alternative patch settings worked. Just this one patch - a longish, but not crazy reverb.

Being able to deselect plugins at project boot up, either individually or in groups would have saved me time and hair. An error dialog along the lines of ‘Roomworks is using an unusually high percentage of available resources’ would have been fantastic. Freezable effects returns would be another possible convenience to stretch resources.

If anybody from Steinberg reads this - here’s another idea. In the Plug in information dialogue, it is possible to stop plug ins by unticking the box to the left of the listing. BUT this only works when the plug isn’t in use. If that functionality extended to plugins used in the project, I could have solved the problem double-quick.

Apologies to Skyko for hitching a ride on this topic.


I 100% agree with Parrotspain in saying that the tick box for plugins should also disable loading of the plugin. So many people over the years have requested a convenient way of disabling plugins and this would be surely be quick to implement Steinberg?