Disable Recording During Pre-count

Hello everyone.By default, when I set Cubase’s metronome to pre-count mode and I record, if I hit notes on my keyboard before the actual recording begins, MIDI notes are placed in the midi event. How do you disable this so I only record notes after the playhead begins to move?


I don’t sit at my workstation right now so I can only guess.
Try to activate punch-in for the left locator’s position.
Maybe this helps. If not I’ma try this myself at sunday.


That doesn’t seem to be the solution, but hopefully someone will find it.

Not at mine at the moment but there is a pre record buffer. I think you can set it in Preferences. I don’t know what the default is. Search for “midi pre-record” or the like in the manual. These things are usually user definable.
I’ll look tomorrow.

Thank you. I’m looking forward to your findings. I looked in the manual myself, actually, but I couldn’t find any mention of recording during the preroll.

Preferences / Recording / Midi
or in the Midi section of Preferences. I think you’ll find what you need there. By default Cubase always records some midi in advance. It’s supposed to save anyone missing lead-ins etc.
You’ll also find a midi “catch range” in there which you might like to leave set as it will catch any notes that you play just before the first beat.

Thank you. I will see if that solves the problem.

Did any one solve this problem as its driving me mad! Ive also tried Midi record in preferences but not having any luck

@Conman: Thanks! that solved it.

In Cubase 6, go to Preferences and select MIDI under Record (In the left pane)

Set “MIDI Catch range” to the lowest possible value. (I set mine to 1 ms)
Untick “Retrospective Record”.

Many thanks Miki Ive tried that but still when I play any notes while waiting for a 4 beat count they get recorded on the bar before the left locator

@john springate: I tested it under cubase 6.5.4 32 bit and it worked perfectly.

Some questions:

Are you using a PC or MAC?

Are you using 32 bit or 64 bit Cubase?

What version are you using (e.g. 6.5.4)?

What MIDI and audio interface are you using?

Hi Miki below answers to your questions-I thought this info showed on my profile??

Are you using a PC or MAC? Im using imac 2.8 i7 12gb ram

Are you using 32 bit or 64 bit Cubase? Im using 32 bit Mode

What version are you using (e.g. 6.5.4)? 6.5.4

What MIDI and audio interface are you using? M-audio Fast track