Disable Track Should Disable Post-Fader Inserts

If saving CPU is a goal of the new Disable Track feature (and it is almost primarily), then it’s incomplete by not also powering off the Post-Fader inserts.

If I have to do that manually, anyway, it sorta defeats the point of having the feature.

It also creates workflow issues when re-enabling disabled tracks. One has to remember if the Post-Fader inserts (that were manually disabled to save CPU) were supposed to be powered back on, or if it was just testing an idea and therefore disabled by choice.

In this small way, Disable Track is tantamount to a sort of “data loss.”

I have a ton of volume shapers and filters in Post-Fader slots that are often experimental and in various states of powered on or off. So, Disable Track makes me have to write down or remember their states. Which I had to do before, anyway, for manually powering off all the plugins, but Disable Track is a missed opportunity to solve this problem, by remembering the states of everything before it disables.

I had a “you have to be kidding me” moment when I realized it missed precisely what I was hoping it would do. :laughing: