Disable Transport Panel appearance on startup?

When opening a project it always appears exactly as I left it except for the presence of the Transport Panel, which seems to be visible by default. Can it be hidden by default?

Yeah, I’ve got much better things to do than worry about this… :slight_smile:

Click Transport and then uncheck Transport Control. I haven’t tried this but as far as I am aware Cubase remains this way next time you open a project that as been saved this way.

Why someone would wish to do this however is beyond me.

I don’t see “Transport Control.” There’s “Transport Panel” (same as F2).

The point is screen clutter. I have the controls up on the toolbar and don’t need the floating window (much).

yep ive had this done for a long time ive never use the transport ,It just gets in the way

On Mac the dang thing seems to open no matter which way you leave it.

strange , all I have ever done is untick every box , activated them in the tool bar , the only ones I have left open are the midi and audio activity which ive placed in a space in the mixer . works a treat :wink:

Well, yes, you can configure it to minimum parts of it showing. But the panel still opens.

Plus, if you have the transport panel open without the Main Transport showing you end up disabling the command “Input Position”

To my knowledge there is no way to do this. I wish I could as it gets in my way too. I have no use for the transport bar when my projects open.

Many years ago we (lots of people here in this forum) requested this feature. A simple “show/disable” transport bar in the preferences.

Steinberg either ignored the request or decided the answer should be no.

Transport Panel then, whatever. The point is, uncheck it. As far as I’m aware it should stay unchecked once saved, though I may be wrong, as I say, I haven’t tried it myself as I don’t see the point. I prefer the transport panel on screen most of the time. It does more than basic transport control. Horses for courses :wink:

But If you see it as clutter why not just press F2? And puff, it’s gone.

I figure when they come out with the revamp of the project window the transport panel will change into something more modern.

I hope so and hope they put the audio and midi activity option in the tool bar as well, the bloody thing was a pita ,constantly moving about ,ive got a funny feeling this could be in the next update :wink:

let’s go with that. :wink:

:laughing: ok Lets keep our limbs ,toes and fingered crossed :wink:


Exactly what do I uncheck? Right click on the transport bar then decide what to show and hide? If you mean that, then when you uncheck everything, it still shows up…its just empty.

If you mean something in the preferences please let me know exactly what you refer to.

You may refer to the transport panel most of the time. That doesn’t mean everyone else does. Personally, I refer to it on occasion, but not very often. Everyone works differently. I use 3 monitor screens for Cubase so that can make a huge difference how a user works in Cubase.

Why not just press F2? That’s what I have been doing since the late 90s. :laughing: It’s not a pain…just another small irritation that seems so easy for Steinberg to fix, yet through the years they have chosen to ignore it.