Disabled Track Template Users: 9.5 VS 10

I am having some major problems with Cubase 10 and building a large disabled track template.
Version 9.5, I built a 1000+ disabled instrument track template complete with expression and drum maps. Mostly single instances of Kontakt. File size was around 325mb. Projects saved out to that size as well and saved under 5 seconds, totally acceptable.

Version 10: I built a new disabled track template using Kontakt 6 the same. File size is over 3 times LARGER well over a GB! Save times are still fast under 5 seconds with nothing loaded. As soon as I enable tracks though, save times are through the roof, over 15 seconds rendering it unusable.

Something major has changed in the way Cubase handles disabled instrument tracks from the last version and bloating project sizes. Anyone have similar experiences?