Disabled tracks and Generic Remote assignments for SOLO (or channels in general)

I want to build a large template that won’t always have just enabled tracks, but a combination of enabled and disabled tracks. For example, let’s add for now just two MIDI tracks.

If I disable the first MIDI track, the second assignment in my Generic Remote gets changed.
Before disabling:

After disabling:

What can I do to prevent this? Shouldn’t the disabled track only switch to disabled? Why does it get removed from this list?

If the above question doesn’t have an answer for now, are there any alternatives to Generic Remote?

Thank you.


Have to say I didn’t realise this before. But you are right. Once you disable the track, it disappears from the track list in the Generic Remote Devices.

This causes the shift of all tracks after, so you wouldn’t control the tracks, you would expect.

I’m not aware of any workaround. I was thinking to use the Midi Mixer, but the result is the same, sorry.

I am tight?!

Thanks anyway.


Sorry a typo.

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It’s a bit cumbersome but you can do it through Project Logical Editor Presets.


Not at all cumbersome. Thank you so much! This is a great alternative!!