Disabling "help tips"

When I hover with the mouse over the items in the left and right hand panels, a white box appears telling me what is underneath it. Is it possible to disable these white boxes, please? (I have no idea what I should search on in the manual!)


They’re called “tooltips” and to my knowledge you can’t disable them.

That’s a pity. I have met them in other programs and have been able to disable them. I find it quite unnecessary to hover over a crotchet and then be told in this tool tip what it is called, and wonder who needs them.


At the same time these tooltips show the shortcut/key combination, which means you can learn them and work more efficiently without using the mouse in these cases. There is a bonus involved, you won’t see the tooltips any more :slight_smile:

Interestingly, given the British/American English variation between note durations (crotchet vs quarter), it’s arguable that the tooltips for note durations are some of the most helpful in the programme - particularly for those used to British English note durations who might otherwise have few indications within the programme that they should be looking for “quarter note” not “crotchet” (although Daniel does include a fair few equivalents in the names of various options). But variety is the spice of life, I suppose, and to each their own.

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