Disabling "Import Sample When Dropping" does not work when dropping audio from the project window

Hello again,

Switching off “Import Sample When Dropping” is an incredibly appreciated feature that works flawlessly when dragging and dropping samples from MediaBay.

However, if an audio clip is dragged directly from the project window into Padshop, this setting will be ignored and the file will be imported (i.e. duplicated into the User Samples folder on the internal drive):

Here, the sample is a Render in Place which was dragged into Padshop from the project window. The sample selector dropdown shows the User Samples folder has been populated with the file, despite the Import Sample When Dropping setting being disabled.

If this is known/intended behavior, then I’m requesting that the setting applies to all dragging and dropping. Currently, project audio files like Renders in Place must first be located in MediaBay, then dragged in from there; this can obviously get tedious if done repeatedly.