Disabling Maschine VST then reenabling it wiped all my work

I furious with this one. :imp:

10 hours hard worth lost due to disabling a Maschine VST track to keep CPU usage down for a moment and when I reenabled it Maschine has reset to it’s default empty state. Also, none of the back ups I took in the last 10 hours solve it either. They are all wiped as well. I have to go back to backup I made yesterday to get at least the basics of that I started with then back. I’m so glad I did a bounce before I lost it but still, I wanted to make some variation bounces. :neutral_face:

The last save/backup you did before disabling maschine should contain it fully. How did you disable it?

You would think so, but it doesn’t. Not only just not the last save. All 10 variations of the project I made in the last 12 hours have it wiped. I had to go back to one I saved yesterday to get it back, albeit with all todays work lost. :imp:

I disabled the track just by the usual right click ‘disable track’.

Interestingly, I’ve had a the same issue with Omnisphere 2 on rare occasion when using multi’s. Say i’ve frozen the multi Omni2 track, then unfreeze it sometime later, I occasionally find that i’ve got an init preset, and all my backups from that day are also affected by the same issue. I’ve know a few others have reported the Omni2 issue in Cubase, but there’s never been a solution as far as I know. It just sometimes happens. :angry: I just took to making sure I save multi’s as well as my project since I can’t know with 100% certainly my project will be able to recall it. It seems the same thing mike happen with Maschine, but to be fair it’s the first time i’ve see it happen, and I use Maschine in every project, so I just hope it’s rare enough to not annoy me too much. I think i’ll still save Maschine projects separately just in case though sometimes.

This less than 100% trust in Cubase to recall my projects correctly 100% of the time is annoying. :neutral_face:

Have you contacted NI support? The issues that I have had with Kontakt suggest that it is not always the fault of Cubase.

No. Like the Omni2 issue, it’s so rare, and unreproducible I don’t have much I can really give them to go on.

For the future save the maschine setup to a file from maschine in the project folder.
If all backups where maschine was still active also lost the setup the error happened before disabling.

Yeah, very annoying to have to do just in case.

If all backups where maschine was still active also lost the setup the error happened before disabling.

The error happened while I was using the project. It was fine, and I had (luckily) just exported audio from it via drag and drop, and then to save some CPU as I was maxed out I disabled the track. Then 15mins later, still with the project open, I re-enabled the track and found my work has gone.

The previous saves where it has also mysteriously disappeared from were versions of project I accessed on and off over the course of a day, and I know some of them reloaded it as expected earlier in the day when I reopened them.

I’ve also tried importing the track into new projects but it still has the same problem, and I tried multiple older saved versions until I found one from yesterday which did work so I recovered what I could and reimported it, and now it’s working fine again and recalling no problem. :confused:

Can you test of exporting audio via drag and drop forces the error?

I use drag and drop all the time but this was the first time I encountered the issue.

This just happened to me and I did a google search, boom, here you had the exact same issue. Lucky i bounced out most of my work apart from the last 30 mins :rage: