Disabling Midi Retrospective Recording

Hi is there a way to turn off retrospective recording in cubase 11

Not that I know of : in the Preferences>Record>MIDI panel, the minimal amount of events that can be retrieved is 1000. FWIW, there are also four key commands dedicated to its control, including the Empty All Buffer… one.

But beside this, it’s for me one of the greatest Cubase feature (actually, I stick with Cubase partially for this one…), so I am wondering why you would like to ‘turn it off’, as it takes no significant resources here, even when set to its 10000 default value, and it never came in the way until now, when doing any MIDI editing… :thinking:

I also want to disable this. For me, I own a expressive e touch se and it is very sensitive and is constantly sending low signals due to the vibration of my desk so when I click record there is always a backfill of automation data.